My Love

My love, what we have is so precious and indestructible/ that even time is jealous of us. So he runs so fast when we are holding hands at the beach/ but so slow when you are in your mother’s kitchen, there/ While I am in my father’s barn, here. He sends his brother loneliness who steals into our day/ to make mockery of our longings and torture our hearts. But we beat them to their game/ They are fools, for every last meeting leaves in us flavours that lingers beyond Time. When we tarry/ we are only killing Time,that we may treasure/with relish whatever small Time we share/For every minute of that eye to eye, smiles against smiles, breath for breath/ lips in lips and hands behind backs, and…..oh!/ Is more precious than a thousand years/ So my lady, let’s kill more Time/ and with that knife rush ourselves and tear each other in merciless pleasure.

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