Sail on

My son!

Do not sit there and wail/lest tomorrow follow that trail.

Pick thy paddle,join the sail/No storm behold steel heart and not vail

The rivers of the heart is a dark veil/darkens your chambers, and your strength bound in jail

I tell you,

bleed your eyes to full pail/still will never wash away the travail

let the inner man prevail/No leg carrying a drooped head will not flail


The way of life is spiked and steep,to scale/ heed the counsel of the snail

Speed is not exactly fast,in his trail/I see crash, and you know how Time crawls in jail.

Remember this,

if you find yourself in the belly of a whale/or thy costly sweat come to wretched naught,send Him a mail

Of broken heart on tearful knees,He never fail/He knows the end from the tail/ Aught you not to have done this before the sail?

Take heed,

Do you know why the tortoise broke his scale?Greed,let it not be thy tale/If you can’t get the whole cut the tail.

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