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  • My Love

    My love, what we have is so precious and indestructible/ that even time is jealous of us. So he runs so fast when we are holding hands at the beach/ but so slow when you are in your mother’s kitchen, there/ While I am in my father’s barn, here. He sends his brother loneliness who steals into our day/ to make mockery of our longings and torture our hearts. But we beat them to their game/ They are fools, for every last meeting leaves in us flavours that lingers beyond Time. When we tarry/ we are only killing Time,that we may treasure/with relish whatever small Time we share/For every minute of that eye to eye, smiles against smiles, breath for breath/ lips in lips and hands behind backs, and…..oh!/ Is more precious than a thousand years/ So my lady, let’s kill more Time/ and with that knife rush ourselves and tear each other in merciless pleasure.

  • Power

    Beyond the money and the fame/Seek for the power to control the game/The world shares nothing equal/If you are not strong you may not get at all.

    No one will deprive you of your own/when you are the one sitting on the throne/Don’t love dividends,be the divider/To not suffer unfair decisions be the decider.

  • Hear our cry

    Grant us respite from our plights, despite our spites and slights.

    May your light show bright in our nights,that we may be free from frights and bites.On thy wings flight thy praise we may recite with delight.

    In thy might smite our foes with blights,till they flight in fright. Set us right in thy sight,as bright as white,we may have right to your permanent site. And share in the rites of the Levites.

    We kneel and squeal in appeal, that you seal and heal our wounds. Steel our heels against slippery peels,as we wheel through these hills. Fill our bills, and give us pill against what kills, for in thy will is our chill. Amen

  • Sail on

    My son!

    Do not sit there and wail/lest tomorrow follow that trail.

    Pick thy paddle,join the sail/No storm behold steel heart and not vail

    The rivers of the heart is a dark veil/darkens your chambers, and your strength bound in jail

    I tell you,

    bleed your eyes to full pail/still will never wash away the travail

    let the inner man prevail/No leg carrying a drooped head will not flail


    The way of life is spiked and steep,to scale/ heed the counsel of the snail

    Speed is not exactly fast,in his trail/I see crash, and you know how Time crawls in jail.

    Remember this,

    if you find yourself in the belly of a whale/or thy costly sweat come to wretched naught,send Him a mail

    Of broken heart on tearful knees,He never fail/He knows the end from the tail/ Aught you not to have done this before the sail?

    Take heed,

    Do you know why the tortoise broke his scale?Greed,let it not be thy tale/If you can’t get the whole cut the tail.

  • The shape of the stars

    Jagged is the shape of the stars

    To shine you must bear your own scars

    Nothing worth it is free of strife

    Did he not say “to live you must lose your life?”

    To stand you must have bent

    Success is not a house free of rent

    Luxury and ease are cocooned in sweat

    As sweet as honey is,bees are not pets

    Never say you can’t, only then it becomes true

    Get behind the steering with your mind, you will get through.

    A knife that fears bruises remains blunt

    you never know what a great hunter you are until you hunt.

    In all you do, remember time is the master

    if you flout him today, tomorrow he will run faster.

    But if now you work with him in patience, you won’t be late

    verily, verily, I tell you, tomorrow finds you great.

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